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The comfort you can feel on our dental chair - INTEGO Dental Unit by Sirona

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At DENTALJOY Patong Clinic Phuket

We use the best dental unit from Sirona INTEGO the product provides optimal access to the  patient and smooth treatment workflows with a  high level of patient comfort.


orthophos phuket dental clinic


The ORTHOPHOS SL 2D combines unparalleled image quality with an excellent workflow and the confidence that comes from MADE IN GERMANY quality. This means you can rely on finding the ideal diagnostic basis for your treatments. Together with the intuitive simplicity of modern SIDEXIS 4 imaging software, the ORTHOPHOS SL becomes the complete X-ray solution for DENTALJOY Dental Clinic Phuket. 


X-MIND Unity the famous intraoral unit

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The X-MIND UNITY is the highest standard of X-ray generator. It provides perfect accuracy and patient protection, and is an acclaimed Intraoral x-ray unit. It is elegantly styled and we are proud to have it installed it in our DentalJoy Dental Clinic.


Vacuklav 23 B+

With the Vacuklav 23 B+, the "Class B" steam sterilizer, offers the most safely sterilized with more deeply internal space for use. The patented air-cooling system, make the Vacuklav 23 B+ is a real "stand-alone" steam sterilizer, the most effective for Sterilization for DENTALJOY Dental Clinic

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Servotome Electrosurgery Unit

Surgical applications

Gingivectomy / Gingivoplasty. Frenectomy, Abcess incision.

Crown Lengthening, Removal of Hypertrophied tissue, etc.

We are pleased to announce that the new X-Smart IQ™ Endodontic motor has arrived at DentalJoy Patong Clinic

X-SMART IQ™ is a cordless motor headpiece with torque control used for driving files in both reciprocating and continuous rotation mode during an Endodontic procedureThe motor is controlled by DENTSPLY Maillefer’s Apple iOS IQ application. 


Redefining the Endo Experience - at Every Step of Your Procedure


Engage & Educate Patients
If your patients have questions, help address and ease their concerns by using the interactive app to educate them about the procedure.


Flow through Your File Sequence with Peace of Mind
Select a pre-set Dentsply Sirona file sequence for ease and simplicity or create your own and save your customized settings for future use.

Post Treatment

Treatment Data Capture and Transfer
Capture treatment notes, including: tooth number, working length, last file used, obturation, and notes for a specific patient. Transfer your treatment report to your patient file.

X-Smart IQ™